Organizational Development

Getting Started

Assess the Current Process and Identify Problems

  • Create account for, complete survey, and endorse Greening the Dental Clinic initiative
  • Gauge employees’ sustainability beliefs and in-clinic practices
  • Assess mission statement and incorporate sustainable principles 

    For students: Look into your University’s sustainability goals and see how your initiative helps meet those goals.  (Example Here)

  • Assess patients’ sustainability values. How important to your patients is a sustainable dental practice?

 Build Green Team

Identify potential partners and Build a Green Team specific to the Dental Clinic

1. Identify motivated individuals in your dental clinic

2. Educate Dental Clinic Staff on Benefits of Greening and Opportunities for cost and waste reduction and safety benefits

3. Designate staff to participate in Green Team tasked with design and maintenance of initiatives






Track Progress

Create a Mechanism for Feedback to assess implementation

  • Incorporate assessment of sustainability practices into regular process evaluations
  • Consider an anonymous process to encourage honest feedback, as simple as a comment box

Track Improvements and Recognize Successes

  • Provide incentives for successful completion of sustainability goals (Ex: Reward Green Team with pizza party, gift cards, bonuses, etc.)
  • Publicize employees or teams who make notable efforts to decrease the environmental impact of their practices (Ex: Email major savings and waste reductions, nominate employee of the month, etc.)

Promote involvement in sustainability activism

  • Inform local ADA of your clinic’s sustainability efforts and request that they incorporate sustainability into their mission statement
  • Reach out to local government regarding sustainable business regulations and incentives
  • Discuss at-home sustainable practices with your patients (Ex: minimizing tap water use while brushing, choosing a sustainable dentist, etc.)